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Stamped & Sealed Pros/Cons

Pros: Stamped and Sealed fineshes are one of the most aesthetically pleasing finishes imitating natural stone, wood, tile and more. The concrete is typically coloured integrally. Thi finish ends up with a richer concrete mix design which increases surface durability and longevity. A Stamped and Sealed finish is excellent for patios, sidewalks, or border and unique styled shape accents for your concrete project.

Cons: Stamped and Sealed finishes are the upper echelon in regards to costs and higher maintenance as the concrete needs to be resealed every one-two years. This type of finish can also be more slippery when frozen or wet; however we suggest adding traction shards for safer walking. It should also be noted the surface level of Stamped and Sealed finishes can be ungauged - not flat.

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