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Concrete Coatings & Stains Pros/Cons

Pros: Concrete Coatings and Stains are decorative and a long lasting way to protect your concrete floor. For example, a garage floor against the elements brought in from the road during winter. It is easy to clean, food safe, stain resistant, non- slip coatings, decorative look, and add value to an older well structured floor. Concrete Coatings and Stains provides an original one of a kind look or feature to your project as there are many options to choose from (finishes, epoxies, aspartic, urethanes, etc). Above all, it is easy to bring back to life.

Cons: Concrete Coatings and Stains Finish is a tedious preparation and application process. No coating is perfect and it can be hard to remove or bond to existing concrete. Some coatings require regular maintenance and some coatings will melt under high temperatures. Not UV resistant and will yellow and appear cloudy over time if used outdoors. If not adhered sufficiently it can bubble or blister or peel.

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